Jane completed her Level One and Level Two  IPTPA Certified Instructors Program at Scottsdale Arizona and is  pleased to offer private and group lessons to Pickleball enthusiasts across Alberta.    The  IPTPA  (International Pickleball Training Professionals Association)  is supported by the USAPA.

Two broad categories of private lessons are available:

* Pickleball 101       Lessons for those brand new to the sport

* Pickleball 201       Private or semi-private skill development drills for those looking to improve their game.   


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Lesson Rates:     (for outdoor court lessons in Red Deer)

        ( If indoor, add facility charge.        If out of town, add mileage)

Private Lesson:    One hour:   $50

Semi Private:  (2 people).       One hour:    $60 total   (or $30 each)

Three or Four People:            One hour: $ 80 total



          Special Program for Startup Rec Centers across Alberta:

Pickleball 101:   5-12 people:   One hour:  $100 total      (plus mileage)

       Learning all the basics from rules to strategies to skill development


Pickleball Lessons and Skill Development

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