* A comfortable, dependable paddle for recreation play and municipal groups

* lightweight around 6.5 oz

* a great starter paddle until you know if Pickleball is right for you. 

* polymer core and composite face

* 5" handle with functional "plane jane" grip. 

* NOT approved for sanctioned tournaments.

* 30 day regular wear warranty.   

* Great for indoor and outdoor play


Manufactured in the USA

Ideal for rec centers and those new to the sport.

* Mid-weight paddle without the fancy graphics. 

* Polymore honeycomb core

* Duragrip handle is guaranteed not to wear for one year

* Approximately 7.5 oz

* One year warranty on materials and manufactures defects on regular play

* Great paddle for recreational play.  Not approved for sanctioned events


$ 50 CDN  (including gst)